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The Company

Established in 1977, Ademco Security Group is one of the region’s leading providers of security solutions and services.

Safeguarding people, processes and technology of more than 8,000 institutions across Asia, Ademco’s security solutions and managed security offerings can be found in global companies, large enterprises to vital facilities across verticals such as government, logistics,  technology, manufacturing, healthcare, banking & financial, education, transportation and energy.

With a regional footprint that extends across Asia, namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, Ademco is well positioned in meeting the challenging demands of Asia’s evolving security landscape.

Ademco along with regional brands ESSCOR, TNT Technologies and ASG, are part of Ademco Security Group.

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Ademco Security Group

The Ademco Advantage

As one of Asia’s most trusted security provider, Ademco’s ability to achieve consistently high customer retention rates and a fast-growing portfolio of satisfied clients across the region can be attributed to our:

  • Verifiable and proven track record of providing comprehensive high-quality security services across Asia
  • Focus on setting the gold standard for security across the region (See below for a list of Certifications)
  • Passion and heritage in embracing technological innovations, with over 10,000 hours spent annually on development, engineering and design
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • 24hr Integrated Services Center since 1990
  • 24hr Central Monitoring and Command Center since 1985
  • Strong security and process insight into many new and established verticals across Asia
  • Deep partnership network of technology partners
  • Proven Security-as-a-Service and Managed Security models

Our History

Ademco’s Chairman Mr T.C Koh’s early vision and a commitment to make Singapore a safer place for individuals and businesses laid the foundations for the development of a successful and enduring homegrown Singapore brand and a pioneering force behind the development of Singapore’s security landscape

Ademco Vision

Vision & Mission

Ademco’s brand vision is to be a dynamic regional leader of innovative integrated security solutions that meet and exceed client’s evolving security requirements is based on 3 core beliefs:



To ensure the highest quality and reliability of our solutions and services while remaining future-proofed to counter new and existing security threats.


A commitment to strategize and reinvent ourselves to remain dynamic in the security industry, by actively developing and embracing new concepts to maximize the potential of the organization and the stakeholders.


The promise to ensure cost of the safety and security remains accessible to all, while upholding the responsibility to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.