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Unified Platforms

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As near as early 2000s, security alerts were still triggered by independent and isolated devices, forming bits and pieces of information. Today, the fusion of devices and algorithms present a highly-precise situation awareness. The security industry went from a lack of information to so much information, that businesses are struggling badly to make sense of. Meanwhile, organisations no longer just deal with simple intrusion, but also much more complex risks to operations, supply chain, IP assets, reputation and brand that can destroy enterprise value overnight.

Unified Platforms manages a fusion of sensors and data acquisition devices, using smart algorithms to process huge amount of information in order to present a clear and precise situation. In security applications, cameras, card readers, biometrics devices, environmental sensors, can collect large amount of information, and decisions can be assisted with AI and automation. Such an approach enable security teams to achieve clarity and control via a centralized administrative and reporting framework.

A user-focused unified ecosystem also allows better operational alignment, offering the right tools for fast and efficient respond to threats, while bringing powerful scalability into security and risk management. Making Unified Security Solutions a very integral part of any mid-to-large size organisation. 

With more than 40 years of experience, Ademco has been implementing unified enterprise security solutions in the region, from key government facilities to data centres, new energy plants and commercial infrastructures of Large Asian Enterprises and Global Fortune 1000 Companies.

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