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A cloud-based solution designed for gated communities and residential estates to improve management efficiency and ensure the safety and security of your abode.

With Verifsuite’s cloud-based estate management solution, no more unnecessary paperwork is required. With streamline management of residents. tenants, visitors and facilities on a single platform, you can enjoy convenience without compromising security.

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Estate Administration

Review, approve and stay updated with all residences' details be it house owners, house members, or tenants.

Access Control

Allow access without physical handling of keys and cards. Access permissions are recorded for safety measures.

Facility Booking Management

Streamline facility booking by receiving, reviewing, and approving booking requests within a single platform.

Visitor Management System

Maintain optimal resident safety by monitoring and recording visitors' access, including visiting periods and vehicle numbers.

License Plate Recognition & Intercom

Flexible for hardware integrations including automatic LPR and intercom for quicker and easier administrations and access flow.

Future proof

Scalable to support integration with new technologies in meeting the ever-changing security landscape.


Our Central Monitoring & Command Centre (CMCC) will safeguard you and your residents, while ensuring prompt fault reporting, coordination, and rapid incidence response.


Easy-to-use platform with selfservice access control management. Managing agents can focus on what really matters.


Robust audit trail of visitors and vehicle entries to ensure no unauthorized access and supports future investigations when necessary.


Technology-enabled approach unlocking new level of cost reduction by reducing manpower reliance. With Pay-as-you-use model, no upfront CapEx is required.

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